A Brief Interlude ~The Author Strikes Again~ Ashenpuddle


You weren’t expecting me, were you?

Well, here I am. Those of you who have been keeping up with the story, and especially those of you who haven’t, are probably baffled over Ashenpuddle Part 12. 

Yes, it was confusing, and all that I want to do now is to clear things up a bit.

Let’s start then:

1) If you recall, Ashenpuddle had been thrown in jail by Snow White, he seems to be very evil. The wicked Grimhilde who is also in jail, seems not to be so evil after all

2)Ashenpuddle had been writing in past tense for some time until part 10  , when she suddenly changed the story to present tense.

3) Ashenpuddle still is very coy about the fact that she is married to a prince (Prince Charming). She thinks that she is very unworthy, and she gives a rather embarrassing entry in her journal in part 11, afraid that by doodling her husband’s name, and adding “plus wife” (e.g. Charming Wife) she over-stepped her bounds as a simple and humble wife by accidentally calling herself charming.

4) Ash. does very well at confusing us all, especially when the story twists, and she claims that her comrade prisoner turns into a massive crow, and opens the lock with her beak. This raises a lot of questions, all of which I will not address now. The most interesting thing to note, however, is that Grimhilde is usually portrayed with a crow, not as a crow/human transformer.

5)Ash. is caught by Snow White.

6) Snow White wants Ash.’s heart.

7) A woodsman comes with a box to carry her heart in (note that the woodsman is not hesitant with his box as many fairy tale fans may have supposed.)

8) The woodsman tells Ash. to get in the box, to which Ash. replies she would not fit.

9) THE WOODSMAN DROPS THE BOX as Snow White rushes at Ash.

10)Snow White trips over the box and disappears.

11) Ash. has an original idea and decides that if SHE jumped in the box too, she might be able to get home.

12)And things didn’t happen so well.

Thank you for bearing with me through all this…

if you’re a brave reader, you won’t desert me now.



Another Note From The Author

Here I am, again!

You just can’t get rid of me, can you?

If this is insanely annoying to you, then please stop reading right now and go away.

Go on! Shoo!

You’re still reading? You daring little rebel, villains like you.

Alright. Now let’s make this snappy and get this over with, so that the story can continue:

1) FOR MY FOLLOWERS VIA EMAIL: Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. MOST IMPORTANTLY: WILL YOU FORGIVE ME?! The first time I publish any post on my blog, that version is sent out to all my email followers. HORRID PUNCTUATION, OTHER GRAMMAR PROBLEMS, AND/OR MISSPELLED WORDS that I may later find, faint after reading, and then correct WILL NOT BE ALTERED IN YOUR EMAIL! The mistakes sit hauntingly alive in your email copy, and the posts are only edited on my blog, not the email posts from my blog. SO: If you see anything malignly against the English language in my posts, you may moan, and shake your head, and even sigh, but don’t lose hope! I may fix the post many more times, and amend my actions…you just won’t know about it unless you read the story on your browser.

2) FOR MY FOLLOWERS AND READERS: Time plays a big role in my stories. Especially between chapters. I WILL COMPLETE MY STORIES, but the parts will be spaced out (usually). I am trying to write on here more regularly. Just give time a friendly nod when it comes up, and then turn the page–or in this case, check back here every few days/weeks and see if I’ve posted any more things. REMEMBER that if you follow my blog, you will get notified and will receive my new posts by WordPress reader or by email.

~Between The Lines Of Ashenpuddle: Escape From The Wicked Knight: An Author’s Note~


This is not the next part of the story, exactly.

Yes, this is the author again. I’ve got a bit of “clearing up” to do, as it were.

I know, I know. It’s a fairy tale. Authors don’t just pop in and out of chapters like little grasshoppers. Especially not in fairy tales. Why, in the world of fairy tales, the stories and books might as well have written themselves, for no one thinks of the author twice.

Ironically, this is my second appearance.

And I’m wasting time again, talking about what really doesn’t matter, and not focusing on what does.

It’s Ashenpuddle’s hair.

That’s what I’m writing about, that’s what really matters.

And on top of that she’s now got a crown in part 5 . And she’s changed her dress. WHERE did she get all these things? Was it her fairy god mother?

Ehhh, and so here comes the truth. I’ve been hiding it from NYT, and other various news sites.

Reporters have been simply nagging me about the costume mess up, and I’ve tried to keep things quiet.

But, I’m ready to go public.

The Cinderella Doll (she plays Ashenpuddle) was on a trip. She really was on a trip with Charming.
She said she wouldn’t know when she would be back, but that her sister Aurora (known to some as the Sleeping Beauty Doll) did not currently have a part and would be willing to play her double.

What could I do?

Force the happy bride away from Charming, and make happily ever after not so happy after all?

No, no. I couldn’t do that. It might have been a bad decision as the producer/author/director/costume designer/makeup artist/photographer/advertiser/and so forth, but it was the best decision I could have made as a person.

Now before everyone gets a hold of this story, and gives Cinderella Doll and Charming a bad rap, or even Sleeping Beauty Doll a bad rap, WAIT JUST A MINUTE.

Grimm Blogger company thinks that Sleeping Beauty Doll is doing a FANTASTIC job portraying Ashenpuddle.

In our opinion, things couldn’t have gone better. It would have been nicer if Cinderella Doll hadn’t taken the dress that she wore in part 4 with her on the trip, but besides that, things are going quite well.

So it really is your decision to make.

Are the children content with the pictures? Are you readers content with the pictures?

I know that’s the only thing that truly is important in this case.


Now you have it. And don’t twist my words, reporters, I’ve told what I’ve told here.

Thanks for listening.

–The Author

p.s. No, Cinderella Doll is not back yet.