About Grimm Blogger

No one ever forgot the first of a thousand times when she opened the pages of a fairy tale book, and looked at the mystical paintings on its leaves. No little girl ever forgot the time when the witch offered Snow White the poisonous apple, or when the prince kissed the sleeping beauty.There is something so magical about the visibly ordinary text which tells us stories of princesses and princes, kings and queens, knights and dragons and a million other things that dance in our imagination. Even when the child is grown, and the book is left closed on a dusty shelf, the stories still play a large roll in her dreams.
At one time or another, that little girl wanted a fairy tale wedding, and a prince like Cinderella’s to take her away and marry her. These are dreams that the girl, even when she became old, looked fondly upon and dreamed again. This website is inspired by those dreams, and has been specially created to capture the heart of a child’s imagination. Stories with vivid pictures are written on our blog that are either inspired from fairy tales, or akin to them. Please look around and enjoy our site. Only beware of talking bears and tinkling fairies that may lurk in the corners, or for Prince Charming that may jump out of nowhere and whisk you away to his castle in the clouds.
We hope you have a blessed day!

About The Author

“I’ve always loved a good story.”


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