Cinderella: A Dialogue for Your Dolls

Mother: I feel faint. Bring me my daughter, Cinderella

Father: Of course, anything dear *goes and fetches Cinderella.”

Cinderella: Hi, Mom! Oh no! Are you sick?!

Mother: Yes, but promise me, Snow. Promise me that you’ll be a good… girl.”

*child weeps. Funeral.*

Scene 2:
Family goes out months later:

Evil stepmother walks out in public square. She sells wine.

She: would you like to buy some wine *tosses wine on Father* oh no! Whoops! Your wife is going to kill me for getting this on you…

Father: well, actually I’m single and once the frost passes and the sun of spring turns into the hot of day, i plan to remarry and hey are you free tonight?

Cinderella: *exclaims* Dad!! She’s a witch and hath bewitched you

Father: Quiet! *laughs bashfully at shopkeeper* hhaha, children are so precious

She: aww, most certainly. I love little girls

Cinderella: ah!!!

Father: shhh!

Cinderella was about to do something horrid but she remembered the promise she gave to her mother and restrained herself.


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