Ashenpuddle ~Part 10~

ashenpuddle 10


And that’s up to the point where I am now.

I haven’t got much time to write at the moment, as I am about to be killed…

I am back.

Tears are streaming down my face, onto this little notebook that I have been keeping.

I should be thankful that I am alive (and I am thankful!).

Who knows how long I will be alive, though?

You see, this is what happened: After Grimhilde begged me to leave, and I refused, the lights flickered in the dark prison, and then a voice screamed out, and I knew whose voice it was.

And it couldn’t be. But it was! Let me tell you what happened:

“Kill her!” Snow White screamed.

I ran, but it was no use. In a moment I was caught up by a guard.

“NO, Snow White!” I shouted, “It is I, Daisy!”

Snow White stopped the guard from killing me, and now I am here, in this cold, wet, dungeon, across from Grimhilde, I think.

I have called out to her once, and she did not answer.

Maybe I will call to her again once I stop crying.

If I ever do.

What is happening?

Snow White is supposed to be such  a lovely maiden!

After all, she is Charming’s cousin by marriage.


One thought on “Ashenpuddle ~Part 10~

  1. […] had been writing in past tense for some time until part 10  , when she suddenly changed the story to present […]

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