Ashenpuddle ~Part 11~



Oh no.

Someone is coming.

I had better put these things away…

Never mind.

I guess I’ll be stuck in this prison for ever.

Now, I suppose, it is time to reflect upon my life.



I really couldn’t think of anything to write. I am constantly thinking of Charming, perhaps I should draw a picture of him…

ash113No, no, this won’t do. It doesn’t look a thing like him. His crown I’ve drawn like a spider atop his head!

My penmanship is not exactly perfect, but my art is much worse.

I was not exactly the favorite in our home, let’s say, so I was not taught the beautiful things that young ladies learn such as painting and singing. However, I do darn socks, sew frocks, and brush locks.

I am not worthy to be my husband’s wife. Oh poor Charming, what has happened to him?


Oh dear! What have I done? I have feebly attempted to draw myself into my notebook, and have added “plus wife.” That makes “Charming husband plus wife,” which sounds terribly dreadful, for it makes me sound charming! Oh dear! I am so ashamed! I am crying now.

What if Charming was to find this? Perhaps he is free and is coming here to rescue me! But no, how could he rescue me? How could he ever find me here? But just suppose that he did. What if he saw my journal that I hold, and saw these drawings, and thought (well, he is such a dear, he will understand) that I was presumptuously arrogant–

Someone has been watching me.


Ashenpuddle ~Part 10~

ashenpuddle 10


And that’s up to the point where I am now.

I haven’t got much time to write at the moment, as I am about to be killed…

I am back.

Tears are streaming down my face, onto this little notebook that I have been keeping.

I should be thankful that I am alive (and I am thankful!).

Who knows how long I will be alive, though?

You see, this is what happened: After Grimhilde begged me to leave, and I refused, the lights flickered in the dark prison, and then a voice screamed out, and I knew whose voice it was.

And it couldn’t be. But it was! Let me tell you what happened:

“Kill her!” Snow White screamed.

I ran, but it was no use. In a moment I was caught up by a guard.

“NO, Snow White!” I shouted, “It is I, Daisy!”

Snow White stopped the guard from killing me, and now I am here, in this cold, wet, dungeon, across from Grimhilde, I think.

I have called out to her once, and she did not answer.

Maybe I will call to her again once I stop crying.

If I ever do.

What is happening?

Snow White is supposed to be such  a lovely maiden!

After all, she is Charming’s cousin by marriage.