Another Note From The Author

Here I am, again!

You just can’t get rid of me, can you?

If this is insanely annoying to you, then please stop reading right now and go away.

Go on! Shoo!

You’re still reading? You daring little rebel, villains like you.

Alright. Now let’s make this snappy and get this over with, so that the story can continue:

1) FOR MY FOLLOWERS VIA EMAIL: Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. MOST IMPORTANTLY: WILL YOU FORGIVE ME?! The first time I publish any post on my blog, that version is sent out to all my email followers. HORRID PUNCTUATION, OTHER GRAMMAR PROBLEMS, AND/OR MISSPELLED WORDS that I may later find, faint after reading, and then correct WILL NOT BE ALTERED IN YOUR EMAIL! The mistakes sit hauntingly alive in your email copy, and the posts are only edited on my blog, not the email posts from my blog. SO: If you see anything malignly against the English language in my posts, you may moan, and shake your head, and even sigh, but don’t lose hope! I may fix the post many more times, and amend my actions…you just won’t know about it unless you read the story on your browser.

2) FOR MY FOLLOWERS AND READERS: Time plays a big role in my stories. Especially between chapters. I WILL COMPLETE MY STORIES, but the parts will be spaced out (usually). I am trying to write on here more regularly. Just give time a friendly nod when it comes up, and then turn the page–or in this case, check back here every few days/weeks and see if I’ve posted any more things. REMEMBER that if you follow my blog, you will get notified and will receive my new posts by WordPress reader or by email.


About Manor House Designs

I blog about modest fashion with flare, new trends and how to recreate them on a budget, and about cooking and nonsense. Follow me if you just want a bit of fun!

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