Ashenpuddle ~Part 7~


I am not going to tarry. I tarry with words, I have found. They all fall out of my mind onto the paper, mingled with my troubled thoughts. They stumble into array, and stray from the point.
I will get to the point.
The point is that I walked for a while, all alone of course. Alone with my thoughts. That is beautiful and that is terrifying.
My thoughts scare me. They take advantage of me when I am alone. They wish to frighten me. And so they did then, but after walking in the dark (for there were no stars) I came to a high hill. There was no way around it, and if there was I would not have gone, for the path led straight up.
I walked straight up it, of course.
Suddenly, I felt so cold.
I walked more.
Then I saw it; it was dark and beautiful. A castle! In the distance it stretched itself out on the hill like a lioness, its stone walls conforming to the curves of the hill.
There was no other place around save the castle, and who knows how long I would have walked until I found other civilization! So, the castle was my choice, my only choice, and I walked tiredly to its doors.
My hands hesitated before I fingered the iron knocker on the gate, and sounded one great bang throughout the land. It was a difficult thing for me to lift the heavy knocker, so it slipped out of my hand the moment I lifted it an inch. That’s what created the incredible bang.
The doors did not open.


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One thought on “Ashenpuddle ~Part 7~

  1. Rebekah Stone says:

    I agree! Thoughts do come to life when you’re alone and they can be downright terrifying in the dark. Very Nicely done!!! 🙂


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