Ashenpuddle: Escape From The Wicked Knight: Part 5

Alright, readers! Yes, this is the author here! It HAS been forever since I have written, and forever is much too long! I cannot apologize enough for NOT WRITING! It truly is a crime to leave a story hanging in the balance! Will you forgive me?

Coming back from forever-land, and continuing the story, here is …

Oh wait. 

I have been a little creative with the categories, and am now doing 1 category=1 story, that way no story will be LOST in the archives! Oh no! That would be dreadful! So, say, if you want to read our Rapunzel story, look for the story title in categories.

Alright, I’m not talking about this anymore. Without further ado, and no more interruptions, here is (finally!)…

~PART 5~

ashenpuddle part 5

My mother had once told me that she had never known me  to be afraid of anything. She said when I was a child, I would run in front of the horses, or play with a wild dog, or nearly run into the fire without a second thought of what might happened. Now I heard a tapping in a nearby cottage, in a world so foreign from my own, and I wasn’t frightened. My curiosity was at its finest peak. Someone must be in that cottage who could help me.

Maybe I would never see Charming again, if no one would help me. That thought chilled my bones, I needed to find my husband.

The cottage looked very inviting as well. The warm puffs of smoke made me realize how truly cold I was.
I went to the door and  knocked. The knock echoed across the forest, and slowly the door opened. I barely hesitated before I walked inside the empty cottage.

The inside was warm, and dense with grey clouds. I followed the smoke, for I heard noise inside the cottage.

A man! A human being! In this upside down world, humans truly existed! I looked at him through the eye-watering smoke. He was tall and somewhat thin, and his angular profile hid beneath a raven black beard.

“Excuse me,” I said very quietly.

He obviously hadn’t heard. He seemed to be a blacksmith, and he was cooling hot iron in a tub of water, which created the steamy smoke.

“Excuse me!” I said again, this time almost shouting. He finally turned around, and I saw his dark beady eyes.


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