Ashenpuddle Part 4 ~a fairy tale~


Cold water pushed me down, and I could not get away. The harder I struggled, the tighter the creature grasped me, pulling me down into the wet abyss.

Then everything rushed at me. In my fight for life,  fish ran into my face, slipped down my dress, and nested in my hair. Weeds and dirt whirled around me and bound me so that my struggle was over. I would sink helplessly into the seemingly endless stream, and die and be eaten; which ever would come first.

And then, I was sure I was dying, for the crushing grip relaxed. Light shone on my face, and I opened my eyes. To my astonishment, I was in a forest with butterflies and rabbits. It was not like the dark forest that I was lost in, but it was a very happy place.  I could breathe too, and the water had vanished, but when I looked above at the sky I saw fish swimming between the clouds.

“Where am I?” I uttered when I had caught my breath. The place was so beautiful, it was like a picture book. It smelled like lilies and roses, and birds landed in my hair.

I wandered further into a seemingly magical forest. I saw a brook  similar to the one I had fallen into, twinkling beside me.The birds flew off my head and dipped into the shining water, all the while chirping a song.

“I’m dreaming, I think,” I whispered. Does and yearlings walked up next to me and nestled their noses in my hands. And then I heard it again. A faint tinkling, like a glass hammer, so soft in the distance. I walked towards the sound, and the animals followed me. I continued walking until I saw a  small, discrete cabin far in the woods. Smoke puffed out of the cottage, and I heard it again…the hammering.