Ashenpuddle: Escape From The Wicked Knight: PART 3


When I awoke, it was dawn. I stepped out of the carriage, and the morning dew wet my slippers. A doe and yearling sprinted away, and a rabbits hopped after them as I got out. My eyes were sticky with drying tears, and I wiped them with the edge of my skirt. It was not a very princess-like thing to do, but who did it matter who I was now? I was lost in a dark forest, and was alone. I decided to walk back where the carriage seemed to have come from. I hoped the trail would leave me home. A flock of ravens flew above me as I began my journey. I walked for miles, until I found a stream. I followed the stream, hoping it would lead me to a town.  It seemed that the stream danced and ran for miles, and miles, without leading to any place of importance. Finally, I heard a noise. It was not the noise of bramble, animals, my shoes or anything like that at all. It was the sound of a hammer. The tap of the hammer was so very faint that I thought it may have only been fancy. I kneeled down by the stream, and took a great sip of cold, fresh water. “TAP, TAP, TAP.” I was sure that I was hearing a hammer, but from where? “TAP, TAP,” it went again. Surely, a man was hammering somewhere. The ravens began to swirl in circles in the air, and their great wings made a terrible sound that made me jump. The jump made me lose my balance, and I slipped into the stream. Cold, sweet water that smelled like daisies splashed in my face, and I started crawling back on dry ground. Just as I was doing that, something cold and strong gripped my ankle, and the more I struggled, the more I was pulled into the water. “Help!” I screamed, but nobody heard.


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