Ashenpuddle The Sequel: Escape From The Wicked Knight: Part 2


                 I had fallen asleep when it happened, so I do not know how it began. But, when I awoke there was screaming, and I realized there were bandits attacking the carriage.  Within moments of my realizing this, the horses shrieked, and the coach tipped. All the doors burst opens, and the robbers were everywhere like little ants in their bed.

“Listen!” Charming whispered in my ear so quickly. He grasped my hand, and continued. But before he could finish, the arrows were facing in the coach door, and a gruff voice said, “Take the passengers out!”

I stared at Charming’s distraught face with worry, and as a robber began pulling us out, and our hands released from each other’s grip.

Horses galloped away, and when I stood outside the carriage, Charming was gone. Only a few robbers remained.

Our trunks were on the forest floor, opened and gone through. A robber came and ripped the pearl necklace from my neck, and then, after they had taken all they wanted, I was left alone with the broken carriage, in the dark forest.

It had all happened so suddenly, I did not know what to do. I collapsed on the earthen floor, not caring about the mud that soiled my dress, and started to cry.

The sun had gone down by the time my eyes had dried. I walked to the carriage, and slept inside.


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