Rapunzel: A Fairy Tale Retold with Action Figure Dolls ~part 2~

~Part the Second~

But he did not remain faint for long. No, he jumped up, and thought, “Well! That’s a way to get atop the roof!” How clever he was! He waltzed up to the tower, but something happened when he got there;  he couldn’t control it, for again he fainted. Then, he burned with manliness and he stood up. Bravely, very bravely, he spoke up:

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair to me, so that to you I may see.” He couldn’t remember if he got the words right, but then a small, delicate voice called out, “Just a minute!”

“Don’t faint, don’t faint!” the prince warned himself. Then, a braid of blond hair was slung out of the tower window.

Well, what did he do but hop up and grab the braid! It pulled him in a window. Then he realized he was standing in front of a beautiful young lady.

“AHHHHHHHH!!!” she screamed.

“AHHHHHHH!!!!” he screamed. She fainted.He fainted. It was very awkward.

In he goes!

ahhh! + ahhhhh!! = AHHHHHHH!!

And so he got up, and began to crawl on the floor, all the while muttering, “I’m just looking for the pipes, just looking for the pipes, ma’am, no harm doing.”  She watched him in amazement. Truth be told, except for seeing her father long ago, she had never, ever seen a man before. The prince/plumber, who happened to be VERY short, crawled over to the other end of the bedroom, and grabbed a chest.
“Just to help me get back out that window,” he muttered.

The woman, who had recovered from the surprise, called out to the man before he left. “WAIT!” she screamed. “Yes?” he asked her, dropping from the window.

“What are you?”
“Er, um, I’m a plumber.”

“What? I mean, you look like a…man.”

He had planned to say, “Now lady, I’m just trying to find the pipes here!” but instead he plumped down on the chest to explain everything to her.

“Well, I am a man.”

“Oh, I don’t get out much!” she said.

“What a pity! Why don’t you?”

“I’m locked up here, you see.”
“Ummmm…” The prince looked around.

“That’s really terrible!” he said finally.

“Oh, I suppose. But I read a lot, and look a lot out of the window…I never see people except Orangette (she’s my guardian), but sometimes I see animals and things; sometimes I don’t see anything or anyone.”

“How can you stand it?” he asked, “What do you do?”

“Oh, well you know what I do then? I like to sing a lot. I sing to the flowers and the deer, even though they are usually too scared to come near the tower. Orangette has quite a temper, you know.”

No, he didn’t know. But at the thought, he sat up from the box.
“My lady,” he said, very slowly, “I’m just trying to find the pipes. My notion is that they’re on the roof; do you know anything about plumbing?”

“I might have a book about it,” she said, “I have a lot of books. Orangette gives me one every now in then. I usually read one book every day, and when I’m out of books to read, I read them all again. Let me check my box, I keep most of them in there.”



Rapunzel: A fairy tale retold with action figure dolls part 1

                                                                                                                                      Rapunzel: Part the First

There once was a man and woman who had long wished for a child, but in vain. At length however, she became with child. She and her husband had a little window at the back of their house, from which a beautiful garden could be seen which was filled with the most wonderful flowers and herbs.

However, the flowers belonged to an enchantress who had great power, and was much dreaded by all the world. One day, the woman was standing by the window, looking out into a garden, when she saw a bed of rampion (rapunzel),  and it looked so fresh and green that she longed for it. She quite pined away, and began to look pale and miserable. Then, her husband was worried, and asked, “What ails you, dear wife?”

“Look, out there!” she said, pointing out the window.  Her husband followed her hand, and saw the fresh rampion.

“So?” her husband asked her.

“I must have it!” his wife exclaimed, “or I’ll die, I know it!”

Well, thought the man, sooner than let my wife die, I will go and get the Rampion myself, cost what it will. I love her so!

And so that evening, when he was sure that the witch would be in bed, he crawled into her garden, planning on stealing the rampion for his wife. He hastily grabbed the rampion, and ran home to his wife.

“This will make a lovely salad!” she said. But once she had eaten the salad, she longed for more. “Look out the window at her garden,” the wife said.

“So?” asked her husband.

“I must have more, or I’ll die!” his wife exclaimed. The man loved his wife so much, that at night crawled back into the witch’s garden.

But as he pulled another handful, and was about to leave, the Wild Witch of Orange Hair caught him, and with her monstrous voice, screamed, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY GARDEN, EATING MY RAMPION?!”

“Please, ma’am,” said the husband, terrified, “I was only just tasting it; but it’s not for me, you see. My wife is with child, and every day she looks out from her window into your garden. She was pining away, she wanted your BEAUTIFUL rampion, so much, dear witch, and was wasting away because she couldn’t have it. Now nobody wants that to happen to their wife, eh? So I just sneaked –I mean, just thought, perhaps you would be neighborly enough (after all, we are neighbors) to let me have some of your rampion, before my wife, er. Well you see, she is very pushy, you know how, uh, well…”

The witch allowed her anger to be softened, and she said, “Well, if that’s the case, take as much rampion as you want. But only on one condition (you little thief!) The child your wife brings into the world will be MINE after childbirth.”

And being drunk with terror, the man agreed to everything, and told his wife about it after she ate the rampion salad.


“No, no, no!” screamed the wife, “what does she need a child for? She’s just a WITCH!!”

“Hush, hush dear!” hushed her husband, “She’ll kill us, our baby girl, AND the towns people if we don’t keep our promise. You should have heard how she raved!”

The parents wept, but to save their daughter’s life, they consented. The witch was ready, and they gave their daughter to her.

I’ll call your Rapunzel!” murmured the witch, and off she went. However, Rapunzel grew so beautiful that the witch locked her up in a great, pink tower, not to be seen by anyone except her for ten long years.

Now, there once was a prince who was tired of the boring courtly life, and so he decided to prove himself a man while having some fun. And what is more manly than being a plumber? The prince thought. Concluding that nothing was, he borrowed a fine plumber’s suit, and ran away from the castle in disguise. And it happened one day that the Wild Witch of Orange Hair was experiencing some leaky pipes. So she went to the phone book, and saw the number of Bob the Plumber. She gave him a call, told Bob the directions, and Bob was on his way to the castle.

Only, there was a small problem. Bob the Plumber (known formally as Prince Bob) was not well-read on plumbing. He couldn’t decide whether one plants pipes on the roof of a castle, or at the  bottom.  “It would only be manly to have them on the roof,” he announced. But that created another problem: how to get on the roof. He searched for the best place to climb up, but had little success.

Then, as he turned the corner, he saw the witch calling up to a window in the tower. Out of curiosity, he stopped and watched.

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let your hair down to me, so that I may climb up it, and you I see.” It took the prince a few moments to figure out what the witch was REALLY saying, until he saw an amazing sight. A thick braid of blond locks were tossed out the window, and the witch grabbed onto them, and climbed up.

It was such a shock to him (especially that such a giant woman could fit into that tiny window!) that he fainted.


Stay tuned for part two!

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